Behaviour by Design

Product design that affects Behaviour


Think this can help your business?

You can hire me.

Depending on your needs I can help you either as a consultant a freelance designer, a product owner and even a programmer. I can answer any of your question and participate on your product definition group or I can get your problems and find a solution, and everything in between. My rates goes between 30 and 80 an hour depending on the nature of the project.

If you want a team dedicated to the task of designing and constructing your product
Ingenious Softworks are the guys for you. I’m the CIO of Ingenious and currently lead the Behavioral design Lab. If your project is big you should check us out.

Ingenious Softworks


I love to think about problems under this perspective if you want leave me a problem to solve and I will try to come up with example solutions for your problems

Who am i?

I started my journey into this branch of design as an computer engineering student, bored of programming and modeling “Business software”.


So, I got into programming video games. My first job was helping the community management team of toribash, doing some programing. Here a learnt a lot about trolling, community, events and working from home with 10+ time zone difference.

Powerful robot & Ballpit Monster

So I got to be a professional game programmer in Gonzalo Frasca’s game studio. Here I felt in love with game design, and I got to work with high profile franchises from BBC & Cartoon Network. I’m still in the videogame industry as partner in Ballpit Monster a videogame studio with several released titles for mobile platforms.

Casino time

Yeah, I’ve been in casino, I’ve designed some games, added some tools to my bag,but not really proud of it. But this job got me thinking on how a design can make you play.

Ingenious Softworks

Right now I’m Ingenious Softworks Chief Innovation Officer and lead their Behavioral Lab, a group of psychologist experimenting on design and behavioural change. Ingenious Softworks is the only agency specialized in applying behavioral psychology and technology as a turnkey solution to create products that empower people and organizations to reach their goals.



What really matters

I'm 28, have a beautiful supportive wife and a baby girl and I love to think about systems that shape the users. Want to propose me a new challenge?