Behaviour by Design

Product design that affects Behaviour

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Borgia’s product designer (What does a renaissance monk has to teach us about product design?)

I won't be able to explain the ideas of Marsilio Ficino better than the school of life, so here is the video. Watch it! Then I’ll show you how it relates to product design

Any product needs to be conceived thinking about the 3 stages of lovers relations

Sexual attraction:

Physical attraction, or need to posses.

Think of a teenage boy around girls or when the new trailer of super hyped game is out. This is what your make your user crave your product. This concept Kinds of put into perspective the whole Marketing and sex deal, right? You can sell an regular product as a sexy one by using some make up, but to have a stunning product you have to consider this kind of attraction from the drawing board. “Sexual appeal” is fundamental for your product success since its what gets your users to try it. We probably get to talk about sex in other post.


Falling in love

Here are your fan boys... who get so much joy out of your product that they are blind to any kind of criticism. To get your users to love what you offer, you need to make sure that they are getting pleasure (any kind of pleasure) out of your design. This group is smaller than the one before, not every lover will fall in love. No matter how frictionless your system is, and how fine tuned your reward system is. This community needs to be nurtured, allowed to contact each other and given flags to wave for you in the form of prebaked arguments and catch phrases. Work to create a sense of proximity to the product and what represents.


intellectual attraction.

Lovers will eventually realise that you product is not the best thing that ever happened in their lives and start to lose interest and see the rough edges of your design. Other users will get attracted to your product the same way you did. They will get how smart the idea is, how everything is designed for a purpose and help you better the product. This are your evangelists even if they recognise the implementation faults of your product they are willing to shout how great your product is to defend the idea of it. They long for a chance to work with your product, is smart to let them. If your community is large enough create a title for this experts and let them wear it with pride. To get to this stage, you need a really elegant or clever system.

In order to be successful your product needs to be sexy enough to be tried, charming enough to be loved and elegant enough to attract the intellect. Think of this next time you are creating a new product.